On The Hudson book by Tom Sobolik On The Hudson book by Tom Sobolik

On The Hudson

Large format landscape 8.5” X 12.5”
184 pages
154 photographs

On The Hudson is a photographer’s journey, discovering his local landscape and its rich history. The images and text explore the Hudson's inspiring, breathtaking and unique aesthetic of survival. Once dismissed as a ruined relic of industrial development, the river became an early project of environmental action. Despite remaining scars of pollution and neglect, the many panoramic views and other images show the revitalized Hudson's great wealth of natural and unnatural beauty.

Tom Sobolik has been a photojournalist and corporate photographer while living along the Hudson River for more than 40 years. His coverage of news events from presidential campaigns to Wall Street to natural disasters and revolutions in Eastern Europe were published in Time, Newsweek, Business Week and other major magazines in the U.S. Europe and Japan. He traveled the world for corporate clients including Exxon, Pepsi, Nike and Phillip Morris. He and his wife live in Sleepy Hollow, NY where their two children learned to swim, sail and appreciate the spectacular river vistas that change every day.

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Fog on the Hudson River by Tom Sobolik